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Silog, the smart silo

Automate the aeration of your silos

Silog™, a connected automation system that puts you in full control of your storage aeration.

Save time and money by letting the Silog system handle the aeration of your silos.

With optimal aeration, you maximize the test weight of your grain and the value of your harvest.

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How does it work?

The Silog system is equipped with a weather sensor to monitor on-site weather conditions. Based on the data it collects, the Silog automatically adjusts the aeration according to the weather conditions. It ensures the proper functioning of your aeration system and adjusts the aeration cycles according to your storage objectives (drying, adding moisture, maintenance, etc.). 

What you need to do? When filling your silos, indicate the type of grain stored, choose the aeration mode and activate the aeration system. When the conditions are adequate (temperature and relative moisture) the Silog will activate the aeration automatically.

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Agrilog - Illustration saison

Wireless sensors, for greater safety

For early detection of storage problems, upgrade your Silog system with agrilog's wireless sensors. They'll help you detect a problem in your silo, such as water infiltration, the beginnings of mold or grain that's trying to heat up. With temperature, moisture and CO2 readings, get the key information you need to protect your crop!


Why focus on CO2?


All biological activity releases carbon dioxide (CO2). When your grain tries to germinate, it consumes its starch, releasing energy, moisture and CO2. It's the same process when your grain ferments or heats up.



When air circulates in your silo, it transports CO2 to the outside. In this way, the air enables the agrilog sensor to detect any abnormal concentration and take swift action. Acting early protects your income.

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Illustration CO2 - nuage - noir
Illustration CO2 - nuage - noir
Illustration Silo ventilation

Why adopt the Silog system?

  • A reduction of 100 to 200 hours of work per year

  • Reduces drying costs by $5 to $15 per tonne

  • Maximizes your revenue with accurate grain moisture content when selling

  • Reduces the risk of overheating and mold in the silo

  • An automated alert system in the event of detecting anomalies

  • Access to agrilog technical support at all times

Logo CSA - UL edited

This is our first year with the Silog system from agrilog.

This week, we just finished bringing out last year's corn, while the new one begins.

Result; no problem with corn that went askew. The last one out smelled as good as the first going in.

We can barely tell the difference between the two. Now that's value I can afford!

No longer worrying about aeration and the vagaries of the weather, is a much appreciated peace of mind.


Now, I can rely on an automated system and a team of experts who advise and support us.

Marie-Eve Brodeur
Maintenance Coordinator
Semtech Grains Inc.

Stephane Jodoin
Ferme Normand Jodoin Inc.

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