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The Hygrolog

Dry your grain,
without the hassles

Hygrolog™ automates your aeration and your dryer temperature according to weather conditions.

A simple, economical and effective solution for drying your grain at harvest.

Fixed or portable, you can now dry your grain and avoid drying fees on delivery of your grain.

How does it work ?

The grain moisture reaches equilibrium with the humidity in the air. By choosing the ideal weather conditions, you can control the moisture in your grain.

Dry mode:

In "drying" mode, the Hygrolog activates your aeration when the air is dry. If the weather becomes humid, the burner will activate. And finally, when the weather becomes too humid (rain or mist), the ventilation and the burner stop.

Your grain will neither be too dry nor too wet. Just at the right moisture level.

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Why adopt the Hygrolog system?

  • Easy to use

  • Dry your grain with a burner in 4-6 days

  • Reduce your drying costs to less than $5 per ton

  • Portable (Ideal for CUMAs or to manage 2 to 3 silos)

  • Ideal for drying 200 tons of grain and less.

  • Maintain the quality of your grain and your premiums (seeds, IP soybeans, malting barley, etc.)

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In recent years, we have taken steps to  upgrade our storage facilities:
- New perforated floor
- Addition of air outlets to the roof
- High efficiency fan
- And ventilation control using the Hygrolog system
Now I have all the tools to succeed in my on-farm storage.

Jean Goulet
Seed producer and
genetic improver at Semican

I purchased the Hygrolog control system to help me control the moisture content of my grain in the silo.

I recommend the Hygrolog system to all producers who want to deliver top-quality grain.

A great working tool!

Sylvain Courchesne
Seed producer
Ferme Jagain senc.

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