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Maximum control
      Maximum profit

agrilog maximizes the value of your harvest by reducing your operating costs, maximizing the test weight of your grain and reducing your management time. Thanks to simple and effective technological solutions, moving into the digital age has never been easier.

Are you a grain producer ?

We can help you maximize your profits.

Control your moisture, easily

To make it easier to track your grain transfers, we have synchronized the AM5200 from Perten and the moisture probes of Dryer Master with the agrilog platform.

Now, when you do a test with your AM5200, moisture, temperature and test weight are automatically archived in the agrilog platform. To calibrate your Dryer Master moisture probes, all you have to do is select your probe, choose your test and save the result.


Keep an eye on your grain transfers and take full control of your facilities.

agrilog - Sonde Dryer Master
agrilog - Plate forme
agrilog - PERTEN-AM-5200

Automate you dryers and dryer silos

The perfect solution for automating your dryers and dryer silos.

By combining grain science and the know-how of the best grain producers in Quebec, the Drylog™ optimizes your drying and automates the aeration of your silos.

Simple and connected, the Drylog™ allows you;
- To reduce your drying cost by 25%
- To be alerted in the event of an anomaly
    (20 alerts)
- To monitor your dryer remotely
- To access technical support during drying

"A simple and innovative way to integrate   technology and know-how on your farm"

​     - Mathieu Phaneuf, founder of agrilog

agrilog - Silos séchoirs

Automate the aeration of your silos

Silog™ automates the aeration of your silos according to the type of grain stored, your storage objectives (dryer moisture or maintenance moisture), and the weather conditions.

In two clicks, reduce your management time by 80% while optimizing the moisture content of your grain.

Simple and connected, the Silog™ allows you;
- To save 80% of your time
- To add moisture to grain that's too dry
- And to remove 1% to 3% of moisture while in storage

All while securing your premiums for your value-added grains.


Unparalleled service

agrilog - centre d'appels

Over and above the value of our product, we believe that our service makes all the difference.

When our solutions are working for you, our team  of experts keeps an eye on the grain, so you can sleep soundly.

If there is a problem, our team will contact you to resolve the situation; an added value to the line of agrilog products that makes all the difference, especially during the critical stages, such as harvesting and drying your grain.

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agrilog quality

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