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Drylog, drying that carries
its weight

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Automate your dryers 
and dryer silos

Drylog™ connects your dryer to the agrilog platform in order to have full control over your drying.

Whether for in bin dryers or continuous flow dryers, the Drylog™ optimizes your drying to:

- Maximize the weight of your grain
- Reduce fuel consumption
- Save you time

How does it work ?

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To make your job easier, the Drylog offers you a series of tools to help you maximize the value of your harvest. 

Specifically to:

- Control the moisture level at the output of the continuous flow dryer

- Automate your drying time of an in bin dryer

- Automate your dry-aeration cycles

- Be alerted in case of anomalies

Because grain that is too dry is grain that is too light, avoiding over-drying your grain can reward you big time:

- More weight in your grain (+1% per % humidity)

- Less propane for drying (15 to 30%)

- Dry your grain faster (up to 50%)

Dryer Silo
Monitor your dryer silo from the comfort of your living room!

The Drylog for silo-dryers gives you :

- Better control of your moisture content

- 20% to 30% reduction of drying costs

- An anormaly alert system (20 alerts)

- Remote monitoring of your dryer (includig your augers)

- Automated aeration of 3 storage silos

NEW !!!

- Connect your Cal-U-Dry to Drylog for better control and remote monitoring

Did you know ?

Increase grain moisture by 1% (13.5% to 14.5%) 

- Adds 1 MetricTonne of grain per 100 MetricTonne (+$2.5 to $6)

- Adds $1 to $2 propane savings per ton of corn

- Reduces drying time by 15%

Continuous dryer

Imagine monitoring your dryer from behind the wheel of your combine!

The Drylog offers you:

- To automate the output speed of your dryer

- To automate your dry-aeration cycles (1 to 4 silos)

- To be alerted in the event of an anomaly

- The automation of aeration of your storage silos

Did you know ?

Combining the accuracy of the Drylog with that of the Dryer Master probes gives you precise control over your drying.


No more repetitive testing. Start your dryer, calibrate it with the Drylog and haul in the grain!

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We are compatible with these dryer brands

Brock - logo.png
GSI - logo.png
Sukup - logo vector.png
Grain Handler - logo.png
Delux - Logo.png

Why adopt the Drylog system?

  • Reduce drying costs by 20% to 30%

  • Alert system by SMS and Email in the event of an anomaly (20 alerts)

  • Allows you to monitor your silo-dryer remotely;

    • burner, screw mixer, temperature, static pressure, fan

  • Automates the aeration of your storage silos in Silog mode (up to 4 in Silog mode)

  • Reduces your workload by 150 to 250 hours per year

  • Technical support during your drying, 24 hours a day

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No more 15-minute tests!

Once calibrated, we don't need to do more tests.

I can even track my dryer when I'm at the arena watching my boy play.

Well equipped, we can now breath easier while we combine.


Thank you agrilog!

Yanick Toupin
Ferme LD Toupin Inc.

I have been using the Drylog since 2021 for monitoring my dryer and my silos.

It makes my life easier thanks to its remote access on my cell phone and my computer.

The secure control, the temperature, amperage data and alerts have proven to be particularly reliable and allow me more freedom.


This provides me with greater efficiency in my business.

Yves Montour
Ferme Monterel Inc.

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