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Diagnose your installations
to secure your storage

Do your silos breathe?

To avoid problems in the fields, such as the appearance of fungus, it is not uncommon to harvest cereals at high humidity .

But what about your storage equipment? Are they able to dry these wet grains ? 

A storage silo that does not breathe is very dangerous, because moisture is difficult to eliminate on its own​.

And if you add heat,

it's even worse !


A real problem still existing today

Silos built more than 20 years ago were not designed for today's uses.

For the vast majority of silos, a lack of air outlets prevents grain from drying.

By the time your grain dries,

it has time to heat up!


Diagnostic service of storage silos

Facility assessment includes

  • An inspection of your facilities

  • An evaluation of the ventilation performance of your silos

  • Technical advice adapted to your installations

  • A technical guide for each of your silos

  • Recommendations to secure your installations and maximize their efficiency.


In order to ensure the full potential of your installations, we offer you a diagnostic service. At the end of this assessment, you will be able to know the capacities of your equipment, implement safe working methods and receive recommendations.

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