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Plateforme agrilog

The agrilog platform

Simple and intuitive,
to maximize your income

A reliable and trusted source for your grain ventilation

During ventilation cycles, the moisture in your grain tends to equalize with the humidity in the air.

Through the agrilog platform:

  • View your geolocated weather forecasts

  • Visualize the impact of the weather on your grain

  • Plan your next ventilation cycles

By choosing the right periods, you ensure that you control the moisture content of your grain.

Thanks to assisted ventilation modes, choose your objective and visualize the next ventilation periods to:

- Dry

- Humidify

- Chill

- Or reheat your grain


Track your inventories at all times

Thanks to the agrilog platform, you can monitor your inventories at all times and maintain a reliable transaction history, while guaranteeing the traceability of the batches of grain that have moved between storage silos.

Want to balance your inventories? The volume estimator allows you to balance your inventories quickly. 

  • Count the number of empty sheet panels in your silo

  • Select grain leveling

  • Estimate the volume of grain remaining

Estimation de volume de grain

A module adapted for organizations

Do you manage inventories on several sites?

The agrilog platform offers you a simple way to manage your inventories. With key features, like managing your grain transactions, you can track the organization's inventory in real time.

While this is going on, your members are supported by agrilog with the management of their silo ventilation. The quality assurance you need for your buyers.

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