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   Ferme L. &.Y. Toupin Inc.  

2 Hygrolog

John Goulet

In recent years, we have taken care to improve our storage equipment:
- New perforated floor
- Addition of air outlet to the roof
- High efficiency fan
- And ventilation control using the Hygrolog system
Now I have all the tools for successful on-farm storage.

Jean Goulet, Seed producer and

Genetic Enhancer at Semican

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Ferme Jagain Senc | semence | Hygrolog.j

Ferme Jagain senc

I acquired the Hygrolog control system to help me control the humidity of my grain in the silo.

I recommend the Hygrolog system to all growers who want to deliver top quality grain.

A very good working tool!

Sylvain Courchesne, Seed producer

L.D. Turner Farm

In 2019, we needed to update two of our storage silos.  The sound advice of agrilog enabled us to install a new high-performance ventilation system.Thanks to the Hygrolog system and our new equipment, we can now dry our grains efficiently and ensure their proper preservation. From harvest to sale.

Daniel Turner, Organic Producer

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