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Automate your silos

and save time!

agrilog - Hygrolog - Brûleur diesel - john deere

Hygrolog™ automates the ventilation of your grain silos based on weather conditions.

A simple system that allows to maximize the quality of your grain, from storage to delivery.

Grain moisture in balance with humidity

During aeration cycles, the grain tends to equilibrate with the humidity in the air. By choosing the appropriate relative humidity and temperature ranges, you are certain to control and maintain the moisture content of your grain.

Charte EMC du maïs
Présentation Hygrolog

The impact of weather on your grain

Given  that each grain behaves differently, it is important to adapt your storage management to each type of grain.

Humidité en équilibre du grain

Maximize ventilation ranges

Using the  Hygrolog control system, you maximize the periods of day when you benefit most from a positive impact for each type of grain in storage. You can thus; ;

- Dry your grain

- Humidify your grain

- Or maintain the moisture content of your grain.

Historique de ventilation silo

Why adopt the Hygrolog system?

  • Reduce your ventilation management time by 80%

  • Preserve the quality of your grain

  • Offers you superior grain moisture control in your silos

  • Maximizes your income with precise grain moisture content upon selling

  • Significantly reduces the risk of grain spoilage

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